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  • Brittany

    August 22, 2022 at 4:10 pm


    Today I watched some of the cubic worlds videos in the class drive, and I followed one of the videos to create the shader used in cubic worlds. There were a couple of things that ended up being a little different, but I think that so far, it’s turning out nicely. It involves several nodes, but it doesn’t seem like something over my head.

    I’ve learned the shortcut to hide the parts of the node that I’m not using (crtl+h), and other shortcuts for features (making a box around certain nodes is one that I picked up). I’ve also found that putting a node in the middle of the line between two other nodes will cause the other nodes to disconnect and reconnect with the one in the middle.

    The three images with the node and the lines show this. I put it over the already existing line, hover over the line with the node, and then it will automatically connect. I thought this was cool for some reason.