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    Posted by jwright on August 25, 2022 at 12:52 pm

    Sorry I will be gone the majority of today. Priority Number 1 is to finish the GCN tutorials if you haven’t already everyone will turn in their completion certificates for GCN on Monday at the beginning of class. After GCN work on the following below tasks. All are in the google classroom. The link is classroom.google.com

    Digital Production 
    1st Years
    Begin the Graphic Design Masterclass in the google classroom. Work your way through Chapters 1-4! Chapter 4 Project Files will be due Wednesday Aug 31st.
    2nd Years - Begin Introduction to Photoshop for Illustrators
    3D and Game Design 
    1st Years
     Keep working on the Blender Launchpad you will have a quiz over the basics on Wednesday the 31st.
    2nd Years 
    Cubic Worlds is what you should be working on. 
    Camrynn your the only one with the coding stuff at this point you may split your time between the 2. Download Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition and not 2017 like the video states. 
    Computer Support Specialist - Watch Linux Administration The Complete Linux Bootcamp for 2022 in google Classroom Complete Chapters 0-2 in preparation for tomorrow. 
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